Samarium neodymium direct dating of fluorite mineralization

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Samarium neodymium direct dating of fluorite mineralization

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Sr isotopes of scheelite from these two deposits show similar relations to host / nearby rocks, in that Sr (T=200 Ma) ratios of ~0.721 for LJP scheelite agree with values ranging between 0.718 – 0.726 for granitoids, whereas these ratios are much higher (i.e.

0.745) for scheelite from Woxi and correspond to the Sr (T=200 Ma) ratio range of 0.743 – 0.749 for Precambrian host slates.

Crushing experiments to release inclusion fluids from gangue quartz and sulfides deposited during later stages of ore deposition in both deposits failed to provide accurate and geologically meaningful two-point (fluid-residue) tie lines in Rb-Sr isochron diagrams.

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This paper presents Nd-Sr-Pb isotope data on scheelite, inclusion fluids and residues of gangue quartz, and sulfides from the W-Sb-Au ore deposits at Woxi and Liaojiaping (LJP) in the Xuefeng Uplift Belt (XUB), Western Hunan, China.

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